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Who Is Our Senior PastorS ?

PastorS Mike & Christel Anderson :

 In 2003 Mike and Christel moved to Tulsa ,Ok ,to go to RHEMA Bible college . they became Graduates of Rhema Bible Training College (RBTC) in broken Arrow ,Oklahoma ,they are 2005 Graduates . they both have an AA in church pastoring, church history, and church pioneering..mike was born again in 1993 ,  in 1995 mike became a counsoler with the Billy Gram crusades .. in 1996 mike became a youth pastor with the 4 square church,,pastor mike has preached on tv and live radio ,has been a jail chaplain, and is also pastor of the (SONS OF THUNDER) M/C ...Both Mike and Christel are ordained ministers and started pastoring fulltime in oct 2005..they have been very successful in pioneering 3 church fellowships and pastored for a organization up in eureka , California..they have also been active ministers in hospital healing rooms praying for the sick in Jesus name..they have continued to lead small fellowships for the last 2 years ..until the opportunity for them presented it's self to purchase the seventh day Adventist building, located at 210 Crescent st , in Greenville , California..even though Mike and Christel are NOT Seventh day adventist  Pastors . Mike hates to see a church work go by the way side...especially one that has it roots in Christianity and in Greenville for 100 years...as the work was started by (A. Colporteur) in 1917 , in Greenville,Ca 95947 ~ during world war 1 , then elder McElhany moved the people to the Robert Sheehan ranch in Crescent mills , in the mid 1920's the members moved to the Taylorsville Community church..until this Present Church building was built in 1943...what a rich and wonderful  community Heritage this work has had...therefore mike and Christel are Honored to pick up the baton and carry on such a wonderfull legacy..we Pray that we would have a prosperious journey as our Heavenly Father Blesses us and the people of this Community with his Word in (YAHSUA )Jesus the MESSIAH . HALLELU YAH